Work Comp Certification Program

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Exams & Certification/Recertification


A proctored exam is administered each day and exams require a score of 75% or higher to pass the course.

CAWC Renewal Criteria- External Agents

To maintain the CAWC designation, Continuing Education is required. Over a two-year period, CAWC recipients must complete three hours of ethics along with seven additional hours pertaining to workers compensation for a total of 10 credit hours every two years.

A credit hour is 50 minutes of learning. A half credit hour may be applied for half hour sessions.

Classes that are eligible for renewal credit are:

  • Any CE class or webinars offered by our organization
  • Kessler training programs that cover workers' compensation Issues
  • CIC classes that cover Workers' compensation issues
  • CPCU classes that cover workers' compensation issues
  • Work Comp seminars put on by professional agent associations.

Reporting your credits

It is simple and easy to report your classes or webinars for credit. Click here and fill out the information. You will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know your credits have been filed.

Renewal Fee

The $200 fee is required to renew your CAWC designation.

For more information about the CAWC program, email us.